The Top 10 Mistakes

  1. Poor communication with the client.
    Always at the base of a professional malpractice lawsuit.
  2. Statue of Limitations problems.
  3. Suing a client over the bill.
    Often precipitates a malpractice law suit.
  4. Notice of Claim problems.
    Includes municipal, agency, Court of Claims, private notice requirements, and other condition precedent situations.
  5. Calendar control problems.
    Marking off calendar, non-appearance at conferences, defaults, abandonment of motions.
  6. Failure to supply necessary documents.
    Affidavit of merits, Admissible evidence affidavit for Summary Judgment, Doctor's affidavit for threshold cases, affidavit of a reasonable excuse and a meritorious cause of action.
  7. Discovery Failures.
    Preclusion, dismissal for willful, contumacious behavior,  failure to get necessary information for use at trial, failure to serve expert responses.
  8. Conflicts of Interest.
    Matrimonial, commercial situations
  9. Escrow and fee violations.
    Non-refundable fees, holding back escrows, failure to remit
  10. Settlements and Stipulations without authority.
    Attorney's agreement will bind client even if against client's wishes.