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Mr. Bluestone is amazing. I’m so grateful for his help. I asked him for help because I hired a dishonest and unethical attorney who is trying to mishandle my case. He was unable to take my case because doesn’t fall in alignment with the work that he does, BUT he still helped me so much. He gave me a very powerful resource I can report the issues I’m having with the attorney I hired, they protect client rights and resolve issues. Im so grateful for this information, he’s not even benefiting, in no way, by directing me to the right place. I’ve spoken court staff members, the bar association, many lawyers and he’s the only person he guided me to the right place. Gave me free information for nothing in return. I’m so grateful for his help.

Farah G.

An upfornt and honest attorney. Gave me good guidance, I reccommend you call him as well.


I was referred to Andrew Bluestone by another legal professional for a consultation on a specific subject. He called back promptly, gave concrete answers to my questions and provided an informed opinion on the matter. Highly professional!

Kamen A.

Mr. Bluestone provided me with both important and insightful information related to the claim I was looking to undertake. He explained that from the details I provided concerning my position that the case did not meet the necessary burden for Legal Malpractice. He then provided me with information on how to pursue the case on my own, through an established process for this type of litigation. He was extremely professional and informative. ​

Kevin C.

I was recently referred to Mr. Bluestone by another attorney in a different practice area. My call was returned promptly and Mr. Bluestone patiently explained the law and economic realities of my situation. When it became apparent that we would not be able to work together I tried to limit the time of the call. Mr. Bluestone was kind enough to continue the discussion to make sure all of my questions were answered. I would certainly call him again if I found myself in a situation needing an attorney willing to hold others in the legal profession to account.

Scott M.

Mr. Bluestone was referred to me by an attorney well steeped in legal ethics. While this referring attorney was well known as a defense attorney for other attorneys being sued for unethical behavior, he suggested Mr. Bluestone as the expert for my case. Mr. Bluestone subsequently enlightened me gratis that the attorneys my father had hired to fulfill his delusions at his very old age could not be taken to task by our family for fleecing our elderly father. That was the law. Bluestone taught our family legal ethics do not equate with moral ethics. Thank you Mr. Bluestone for your integrity and expert advice.

Edward Hedaya

I contacted Andrew to inquire about a potential action against my attorney for professional negligence. He returned my call the same day and was very helpful in walking me through my options and making a recommendation for how I should handle my situation. Very professional, knowledgeable, and direct!

Jason M.

I really appreciated how quickly Mr. Bluestone returned my call and took the time to listen to me and explane my legal options. He is definitely an attorney at the top of my list to contact if I need legal representation. I hope to be able to work with him soon to pursue justice. I would highly recommend!


I called Mr. Bluestone after finding his name on the internet. He answered and spoke with me for 15 minutes, without a prior appointment. He listened to my whole story and gave me solid advice. Very Professional.

Neil S.

Mr. Bluestone Spent allot of time speaking to me about my case. He was very professional, well informed, and although I did not like some of his answers, he honestly opened my eyes to what is involved in what is needed to move forward succesfully.

Ed T.

Excellent service Mr. Bluestone really listened to me and attended to my situation.

Carly A.

Mr. Lavoot took a call from me near the end of the day where I asked about filing a case for negligence and malpractice. He spent the time I needed on the phone to answer all my questions and concerns, and advised me about my options, the pros and cons. He was very professional and no-nonsense, and what's more, he seemed very kind and knowledgeable!

Ricardo V.

Andrew Bluestone is the real deal. He spent time with me, & gave me expert advise. He is compassionate & cares about Justice. If more lawyers where like him. there would be fewer problems in the world.

Susan S.

I called Attorney Bluestone for a consultation. He was patient and attentive.He gave me very good advice on my situation. Definitely call him if you have any problems with your attorney.

Daniel H.

Mr. Bluestone is extremely knowledgeable and has the experience behind him to get a legal Malpractice case litigated. He is professional and takes the time to answer any questions that you have in layman's terms so you can understand the answer.I now know who to call when I need a specialist in Malpractice law.

Mark Six

I called this office with a question and Mr. Bluestone called me back promptly. He answered my questions clearly. He answered them in a manner that showed me that he cared and he took all the time needed . There was no charge for this conversation and he made good suggestions.

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I consulted with Mr. Bluestone via email. Although he was unable to take my case, unlike the other attorneys I'd contacted , he took the time to respond and gave me a thorough explanation of the issues at hand.

Sophia V.

Having consulted with Mr. Bluestone on a legal malpractice matter, I was pleased and thankful that he took the time to provide me thorough and very helpful advice.

Brittany M.

While I did not end up engaging the services of Mr. Bluestone, he took the time to answer all of my questions and provided some useful advice.

David K.

Called Mr bluestone for a free consultation and he provided all of the information and answers to my inquiry.. very professional , I would highly recommend to friends and family.

Joe B.

Andrew was very helpful, gave advice that would prevent unnecessary litigation and guide me along a path that I ideally wanted.

Ajay M.

When I called , I was connected to an attorney immediately . The attorney was patient and helpful. I was left hopeful about my legal inquiry. I would use this firm in the future.

Denise R.

Andrew Bluestone was a rare find - that of giving clear and understandable legal advice all in a polite manner.

Michael C.

Andrew goes out of the way to listen and find solutions to complex problems! Very helpful! Thank you Attorney Andrew Lavoot Bluestone!

Karen N.

I had a few questions about legal malpractice. He explained to me very thorough and clear.

Vilasinee C.

Warm, hospitable, friendly, non judgmental, and knowledgeable. I appreciate the consultation and I highly recommend them.

Cherisse R.

Mr. Bluestone couldn't take my case but generously gave me advice as to other avenues I could use.

Menachem S.

Wise counsel!

Mike C.

Extremely informative And helpful would recommend to anyone who is in need of legal advice!

Rebekah A.

Thank you Mr. Bluestone for the advice you will be considered for the future.

Barry S.

Very helpful, patient and answered all my questions.

Estela R.

A brilliant attorney, very helpful and extremely knowledgeable!!!

Arthur B.

Exceptional law firm.

Raphael G.

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